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The following series from 07.10.11 is a two part question & answer session that was presented to the body for clarification on the current changes at Celebration.

***We apologize, but the recording missed about a 15 minute span of time between part 1 and 2. Part 1 ends with Jerry Ritchie reading out of the book of James and Part 2 begins with Jerry Ritchie in the middle of answering the question,"What is the Church's role (or position) in the ministries of Celebration House and The Haven Property?"


The recording also missed a portion were Pastor John addressed that these questions and answers are meant to address the future and direction of Celebration and if more detail is desired into budget, functionality and/or procedural issues, to please contact a Pastor, Elder or Council Member directly for more clarification.


 [Sunday, 07.10.2011 Q&A part 1]     

 [Sunday, 07.10.2011 Q&A part 2]     




We apologize for the gap in available sermons. We are quickly working on reformatting this page and providing all the missing sermon series.


 [Sunday, 06.19.2011]     


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 The underlying philosophy of  Celebration's new season


 Pastor John explores this new direction    that the Spirit is taking Celebration. True  relationship w/ Christ is not just personal,  but must also be external. We are  committed to building the body to be in  relationship with the community. But the  bottom-line is this: relationships take time  and sacrifice...are you up to the  challenge? 


[Sunday, 07.25.2010]      
 [Sunday, 07.18.2010]        [Sunday, 07.04.2010]        
 [Sunday, 07.11.2010]        [Sunday, 06.27.2010]        



 [ParableOfTheSower 2/10- 6/10]                           [Pastor John: Easter Sun : 2010]



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